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December is Retro Gaming Month (Mk II)!

Hello all, and welcome to Retro Gaming Month, Mark II. I did this once before, almost three years ago (has it been that long? geesh). While my previous attempts to celebrate an entire month filled with wacky, antiquated PC gaming fun were aborted shortly thereafter, today I decided to pick up the torch and run with it again, if only for a short ways more. I’ve been revisiting several classic PC games lately.

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Search for $A, Find $B: The Resurrection

It’s time to bring an old favorite department back from the dead! In times past, I would occasionally peek at my website logfiles to find the silliest, most ridiculous search keyphrases that had brought people here. In my recent relaunch of the Oddball Update I deleted hundreds of old posts, those included; but at the request of a friend I thought it might be amusing to get this little featurette relaunched.

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