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Welcome to Oddball Update, where I, Chief Oddball, will quite happily talk your ear off if I’m allowed. I’m a web designer, frontend engineer and fledgling marketer in the Dallas, TX area who spends his off hours playing video games, writing, following tech trends and spending time with my family. You might recognize me from comment threads, where I show up as a Pontiac GTO (seen at left). That’s my ride. It’s also how you’ll know me.

Originally started in early 1994 as a series of Word documents, Oddball Update was named after the myriad of disjointed ramblings that I would jot down in it. Assuming I would be cataloged as insane should anyone find my writings about my grand designs for computer games, the anime I was into or the stories I was working on, I could scarcely predict that in just a few short years, we’d all be spewing equally absurd garbage all over the Internet and thinking nothing of it. So Oddball Update went public, and just how “odd” its contents are today is open for debate. But the nostalgia of the name alone begets its continuation.

I’ve divided the site into two categories: the Blog section and the decidedly more colorful (in one way, anyhow) News & Reviews section. The former is home to my journal, commentaries, rants and opinions on cars, tech and the news of the day. The latter is where I review video games, movies, music, electronics and whatever else I might be passionate about. If you’re considering any of the products featured therein, my opinions might be of some value to you.

On occasion I may post guest entries or other advertorial content on request that generates revenue. These will usually be clearly marked as such.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to leave a comment on the entry or review that interests you. You can also find me on Twitter, where my witticisms are even more irrelevant than they are here. Consider yourself warned.

Now go forth, and enjoy the spoils.