What is this place?

Over twenty years ago, people kept journals of their thoughts, discoveries, and projects on their own websites.  Slowly, all of this information started to migrate to a decreasingly small set of social media networks.  I once had my own blog, but eventually couldn't be bothered to post anywhere except Twitter.

Recently, however, I started becoming fed up with social media networks, or as I call them, ad delivery platforms.  Having always valued long-form verbal discourse, I found something inherently dissatisfying about being restricted to one or two hundred characters.  Deciding I was no longer content with this, I rebooted this site as a place to store my thoughts, ideas, breakthroughs, and random detours down overgrown paths of nearly-forgotten memories.

I'm starting a new phase of my career in IT and software engineering, and thought it a fitting time to start exploring a better way to express myself and record my discoveries.  Even if they find value with no one but me, at least I'll have done them justice here.

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Stick around and see where this goes.

This edition of Oddball Update is me trying something new.  It's not guaranteed to last a lifetime, or even a lunchtime.  But if you're looking for long-form content without any ads, stick around--you may see something you like.