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Challenger R/T

Freedom From a World Gone Mad

A long time ago, in what seems like a world far, far away, I wrote about buying a Pontiac GTO. The fact that Pontiac Motor Division has been dead for almost eight years should be testament enough to exactly how long ago that was. Since then a lot has changed: we went from nobody being able to believe that George W. Bush was president then, to today when nobody can believe that Donald Trump was just elected to the same office. When you combine that with all of the extreme folks from either side of the political spectrum all vowing to end each other, it's not hard to imagine that I'm feeling pretty certain that the world has gone completely friggin' nuts, and there may be no turning back. So in the spirit of gettin' while the gettin's good, I'm buying another car. Because in the face of so much patent insanity, a machine purpose-built for giving you exclusive control over going wherever you damn well please, sounds like precisely the antidote I need.

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Connor cuts the grass at grandma's house one last time.


Halfway through 2016, I've finally decided what this year represents for me: transition. But not just one. Indeed; the first few months could be looked back upon as nothing other than a transition to hell, a waking nightmare that I always feared -- or even knew with certainty -- would one day come true. Since hitting that rock bottom, I've found a new transition underway: a transition to a new phase of life, a new and hopefully healthier outlook. But God has it been a hard road getting here.

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Through The Ages: A Hill to Die On

Prolific board gamers know Through the Ages.  Consistently one of the top 10 (if not top 5) games of all time according to, this civilization-building strategy game is among one of the most celebrated of its kind.  From excellent mechanics to well-crafted strategic elements, it’s one of those rare games that you’ll feel immensely satisfied after playing, even if you lost badly.

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Otis touch-sensitive button illuminated

The Lift Factor

Lately, my son Connor likes to spend bedtime with me playing "the elevator game". It started one day when I slid a stuffed animal up and down the side of his crib while making elevator noises. Now it's morphed into a full-blown soap opera, where each night we visit One Harvie Plaza, the posh corporate convention center and apartment tower that's filled with elevators.

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See You Space Cowgirl

First Look: Destiny Alpha Test (PS4)

This past weekend, Bungie's upcoming shooter Destiny was playable in a pre-release alpha state for a limited engagement of three days only. Thus began my three unforgettable consecutive nights of total immersion in the Destiny universe. Taken as a whole, that universe is so compelling, so addicting, that you want to immerse yourself in every meson of it simultaneously.

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