First Look: Destiny Alpha Test (PS4)

This past weekend, Bungie's upcoming shooter Destiny was playable in a pre-release alpha state for a limited engagement of three days only. Thus began my three unforgettable consecutive nights of total immersion in the Destiny universe. Taken as a whole, that universe is so compelling, so addicting, that you want to immerse yourself in every meson of it simultaneously. Continue →

Splice & Dice: Wiring the House for Ethernet

As we were talking about our plans for the house this year, we decided to mount a new big-screen LED TV on the wall back in the bedroom. Of course, with the wireless Internet connectivity being as choked and spotty as it is back there, adding a whole media center with Smart TV apps and game consoles seemed like a pretty dumb idea. So I decided to run a new Ethernet drop back there. Continue →