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Return To The Knife Planet

Shonen Knife ticket and concert flyers You may recall the first time I took a trip to Shonen Knife Planet back in 2007 (if not, the URL in the preceding text will helpfully take you back to that time). Last night I booked a return trip, as Shonen Knife came back to town in support of their latest record, Super Group (which I also reviewed here not too long ago).

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Let’s Go To The Knife Planet

So here I am again, emerging from another months-long hiatus to gush about a rock band from Japan. I did it last year with Puffy, and now it’s time for…Shonen Knife. The female rock trio has been rocking out for over 25 years now — and has been making regular tours of America for about 15 — but last night was the first time I’d ever seen them live.

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