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Let’s Go To The Knife Planet

So here I am again, emerging from another months-long hiatus to gush about a rock band from Japan. I did it last year with Puffy, and now it’s time for…Shonen Knife. The female rock trio has been rocking out for over 25 years now — and has been making regular tours of America for about 15 — but last night was the first time I’d ever seen them live.

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Mass Effect: Sci-Fi Brilliance with Annoying Aftertaste

I’m completely enthralled by Mass Effect, the new sci-fi adventure game for the Xbox 360. It’s simply one of the most engaging single-player experiences to hit the Xbox this year, along with BioShock. But while the game is all kinds of excellent, it tends to leave a somewhat nasty aftertaste when it hits you with its idiotic auto-save system (or lack thereof) and a couple of other minor, but recurring, irritations.

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Music Post! (In Color)

2007 has been a banner year for CD purchasing for me so far. I swear, I haven’t bought this many CDs in such a short period of time since I worked at a music store — and back then I had the excuse of a 30% employee discount to blame for my constant music purchases (in addition to the free promo CD giveaways that often resulted in me getting such awesome CDs as Cracking Coals and The Family Circus Teaches You German).

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