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The Xbox Acquisition Deliberation

In the old days, I would replace my computer every couple of years. Since I don’t game on the PC much anymore, I’m still finding myself perfectly happy (well, mostly) with the computer I built in October of 2006. The object of my upgrade fever, meanwhile, has turned to mobile phones and game consoles, and it is these items that I now find myself replacing on a two-year cycle.

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Abandon Ship

The topic I was discussing in my last entry — which marked the unheralded return of the Oddball Oddcast in a pared-down form — was not really done being hashed out in my head at the time I posted it. Shortly after I recorded those oh-so-scintillating 12 minutes of gabbling about the MMORPG Star Trek Online, I finally decided that I was gonna blow some walking-around money and get the “Original Series Bundle” through the game’s online store.

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