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What Defines an American Car?

CNN’s “QuickVote” polls, which they offer on their website for the public to take, are often of questionable value, or at least questionable objectivity. In light of the “Will Renault/Nissan buy a minority stake in GM?” story flying around in the press today, CNN made tonight’s QuickVote poll: “What defines an American car?” The two choices are “Its style” and “Where it’s made.” I picked choice number one, since that’s always, absolutely been what it’s about for me.

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Proud New Owner

I am now, officially, a 2006 GTO owner. Even though the car is not here in my garage yet, it now belongs to me! (Well, and Bank of America.) After a painfully long five months of waiting, today Apple and I drove up to Orlando and signed the paperwork on GTO order number JGTPG6.

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So, Why Choose the GTO?

GTO with Sport Appearance Package I don’t post anything on this site for nearly two months, then I show up out of nowhere and proclaim that I’ve ordered a Pontiac GTO as my next new car. So what happened? A few months ago, I was proclaiming proudly that the GTO sucked and I was gonna be getting my hands on a new Shelby GT-500.

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