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Nostalgic Reminisence

I’m a nostalgic old fool. Okay, “old” doesn’t exactly apply. But I do like old things, particularly things to which I can relate. Which would explain my choice of entertainment lately. During my recent rediscovery of the fine art of Wolfenstein level design, I went above and beyond the simple recollections that digging up such an old and cherished hobby naturally stirs.

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Where’s My Cake?!

I unwrapped some saltine crackers at lunch today, and this fell out: So, where’s my cake? I must find it! Oh…and if, upon reading the title of this post, you were reminded of Harvie hiding in a ventilation shaft and chowing down on a chocolate cake while the captain of the Genia 17 verbally accosted the cake’s infuriated owner, then congratulations—you’re the only other person on earth who could possibly have made that connection!

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UPN 8 Sucks

The local UPN affiliate in my area sucks donkey gonads. This isn’t anything particularly new, since they’ve always really blown (I mean, when your call letters are “WEVU” and you make jokes in your bumpers like “We View TV!”, you have to be pretty far down on the totem pole of TV station professionalism).

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